Natural Alternaitves to Premature Hair Loss

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Are there natural remedies for stopping premature hair loss?

Natural Alternaitves to Premature Hair Loss

If your father or grandfather was bald at an early age, you might be in panic mode about hair loss. After all, some men's hairlines begin receding in their teens. However, do not panic yet because it is never too early to investigate options that were not available to your older relatives.

Some drugs on the market act as DHT blockers and can prevent DHT baldness. An abundance of a certain hormone in the body causes this type of hair loss. Propecia is a DHT blocker, though some users claim experiencing sexual side effects.

Many people believe hair loss is best stopped or slowed down with supplements or a diet change. Eating sulfur-rich foods including meat, fish, eggs, legumes, nuts and onions, as well as most other vegetables may help. Sulfur is found on the nails and skin, and it improves the circulation of blood and decreases inflammation. It is also believed that sulfur creams applied to the head increase the chance that lost hair will grow back.

If you are experiencing premature hair loss, talk to you doctor to make sure the condition is indeed DHT baldness. Then, investigate both traditional forms of treatment as well as natural ones to decide which is best for you. You might even find that combining a drug like Propecia and some diet changes will lead to the best results in stopping hair loss, and even growing back a full head of hair.



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