Exercise Caution when Using Supplements to Prevent DHT Baldness

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If I use herbal supplements to stop hair loss, what precautions should I take?

Exercise Caution when Using Supplements to Prevent DHT Baldness

The days of combovers, plugs and ridiculous toupees are through. That leaves hair transplants, and treatments like Rogaine and Propecia for dealing with DHT hair loss. Fortunately, these proven and effective hair transplant methods are now so advanced they are virtually undetectable.

However, you might not be ready for such treatments. Maybe you have heard that herbal and vitamin supplements will help. It is hard to know for sure because unlike other traditional treatments, the FDA does not regulate supplements. Still, some swear by them. Be sure to always approach supplements with caution. Here are some tips to consider before trying an all-natural approach to stopping or preventing hair loss:

  • Do not assume because it is natural that it is safe. Did you know that some prescriptions and over-the-counter herbal supplements might interact? This is especially true if you take Coumadin, aspirin or MAO inhibitors. Ask your doctor about herbal supplements, even if you do not take prescription drugs.
  • Certain supplements can increase the severity of some health conditions. This is especially true of ulcers, digestion issues, liver problems, kidney disease or enlarged prostate. They may also affect pregnant or nursing women.
  • Some supplements can affect surgical procedures. Always tell your surgeon what supplements you take before elective surgery. They may advise you to stop taking them two or three weeks prior to your procedure.
  • If you find that herbal supplements are working to stop or prevent your hair loss, do not assume a higher dose is better. Always follow the manufacturer's recommended dosage schedule.



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