Coping with Hair Loss in Women

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How can women cope emotionally with hair loss?

Coping with Hair Loss in Women

Older men tend to joke about being bald, but hair loss in women is especially devastating. Women are taught from a young age that their hair is a central focus in their overall beauty. A woman's hair contributes directly to her self-esteem and confidence.

Women who experience hair loss tend to focus on their hair more and even feel inadequate or less feminine. The most important thing for women to remember is that these feelings are very normal. Dealing with hair loss begins with women stressing daily that they are more than their hair!

While a woman decides what is best for her in terms of hair loss treatments, keeping her life composed with family, hobbies and job is essential. With a balanced life, it is more likely that hair will not be the total focus. This could include long walks, yoga or another type of meditation. This will help in becoming appreciative of other body parts besides hair.

In addition, talking to a loved one, friend or professional therapist can be extremely beneficial. Keeping feelings sorted helps many cope. Also, there are varieties of treatments now available for female hair loss, so research is key.



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