Female Baldness Classifications

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How is female baldness classified?

Female Baldness Classifications

Did you know that millions of women suffer from female baldness and hair loss? While similar to male baldness, women actually experience different patterns of hair loss. This is when deciding to pursue a hair loss treatment, especially female hair restoration, it is important to choose a doctor and clinic that knows how to correctly evaluate female hair loss and tailor a personalized plan.

When a specialist assesses female baldness, they utilize a classification scale called the Women's Ludwig Scale. This is to identify a pattern before deciding on the best treatment plan. The Ludwig Scale determines female hair loss in terms of type and severity:

  • Type 1 - general thinning with discrete areas of baldness in the frontal crown and vertex areas.
  • Type 2 - seen as global diffused thinning without these areas of alopecia (complete hair loss).
  • Type 3 - more severe and characterized by a temporal recession more commonly associated with male baldness.
  • Type 4 - characterized by scarring alopecia.
  • Type 5 - the most severe, frequently has medical and hormonal causes and is usually not surgically treated.
The treatment you receive for hair loss is determined by your goals, personal preference and budget. Keep in mind that even though a female hair transplant may be the most expensive option, it is the only offering a permanent solution. A qualified clinic will offer you a variety of payment options and plans.



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