Alopecia Treatment for Women

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What alopecia treatment works for women?

Alopecia Treatment for Women

Alopecia is a fancy name for baldness and hair loss. Genetic make-up most often determines hair follicle sensitivity the likelihood of hair loss. Hormones also play a role in female pattern baldness. Luckily, there are many treatment options.

Rogaine is a great alopecia treatment for women. This is a topical foam used daily to the balding areas of the head. Initial increased hair loss is normal, followed by soft, colorless hair growth if the Rogaine has an effect (it does not work for everyone). Continued Rogaine usage results in new hairs matching in both color and thickness. Rogaine's benefits only last as long as it is used and women should only consider 2% Rogaine. Even though Rogaine is available over the counter, talk with your doctor about this and other female hair loss treatments.

One alternative procedure is female hair restoration. Hairs are taken from full areas of the head and transplanted as small groupings into the thinning parts. These transplanted hairs eventually replace the lost hairs and continue to grow permanently. For more information on alopecia and the female hair transplant procedure, visit



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