Defining Male Pattern Baldness

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What is male pattern baldness?

Defining Male Pattern Baldness

Believe it or not, experts say we loose up to 200 hairs from our bodies a day and much of that comes from our heads. There are up to 150,000 hair follicles on your scalp. Because our hair is constantly going through three cycles of hair growth - anagen, catagen, telogen - for most people this hair loss isn't even noticed. But, if you are a man, and you've noticed that your hair line is receding, it may be the beginning of male pattern baldness. This is also called androgenetic alopecia. After the hair recedes at the temples, the hair on the top of the head thins out. Eventually the crown of the head may be completely bald. Often, the only hair left is taround the back of the head and on the sides as male pattern baldness continues into its late stages.

Male pattern baldness affects well over one half of adult men, and is caused by heredity, hormones and the normal male aging process. If you want to know if you are a likely candidate for male pattern baldness look at the men on your mother's side of the family. It is often a more accurate prediction for passing on male pattern baldness. If the men on your mother's side of the family are all bald by age 50, don't despair. They didn't have the advantage of the many baldness treatments now available on the market.



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