Rogaine is a treatment for alopecia

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What are some treatments for alopecia?

Rogaine is a treatment for alopecia

Rogaine is a well known name as its commercials have been on TV for some time. But did you know it was originally a drug used to treat high blood pressure? When people took Rogaine to treat their high blood pressure, a significant number of them experienced regrowth of lost hair. Many men welcomed this news since male pattern baldness was, until then, considered a fact of life that couldn't be changed. Of course, we all know Rogaine for hair loss restoration.

Rogaine is the patented name for the drug. It's generic name is minoxidil. Rogaine for men was the first FDA-approved remedy that produces hair replacement for men, though it is now offered for women, too. Rogaine was first developed as a liquid solution for hair regrowth, but now studies show that men prefer the foam product produced by the same name, which has only recently been made available. Rogaine is advertised as a hair loss remedy that can regrow hair in only 16 weeks. When compared with a placebo (a medication-free foam), 85 percent of men who took the twice-daily treatment application of Rogaine showed hair regrowth. You can find out more about this and other hair loss treatments at



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