Hair transplants offer mens hair restoration

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Are the results of mens hair transplants better than they used to be?

Hair transplants offer mens hair restoration

While certain drugs and topical treatments have been proven to restore hair loss in men, another option is becoming more popular for mens' hair restoration: a hair transplant. Hair transplants have come a long way since the dreaded "plugs." Now, if you get a hair transplant by a qualified doctor, you can expect your hair to look as natural as it did before you started losing it. If fact, a hair transplant is the only permanent way to retore your hair.

The reason hair transplants now look so good is that there have been major advancements in the use of follicular hair grafts. A hair transplant surgeon is trained to use a 'donor' area of your hair - a specific section that provides hair without later being noticed - and transplant these hairs into the areas of baldness. These donor areas are generally the back and sides of the head since they shed hair the least. You've probably noticed that even in a man who is quite bald, these areas still have hair.

Although a scientific process, men's hair restoration is an art, too. The surgeon must pay extraordinary attention to detail so that, once complete, the hair transplant is not noticeable to the naked eye. That is because the hair is placed into the follicles at varied and natural angles (not straight ones) so your hair lays on your head in the way it would if you never lost it. You can see current mens hair restoration results at



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