Hair loss has a variety of causes

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what causes hair loss?

Hair loss has a variety of causes

If you are a man experiencing hair loss, you might be tempted to blame it on genetics or your age, especially since it's so common for men to lose their hair. If your hair line is receding, or you are losing hair on the crown of your head, it may be caused by male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. However, to be on the safe side, you should discuss your hair loss with your physician or a qualified mens' hair restoration specialist, because there are a number of other reasons you could be going bald. This is known simply as alopecia. Sometimes alopecia is caused by an autoimmune disease. For some reason, the body thinks hairs are foreign and rejects them. Examples would be lupus and AIDS. Hypothyroidism can also cause alopecia, as can the skin ailment eczema. Medications can cause alopecia, too. These include blood thinners (even aspirin), anti-depressants and mood stabilizers (such as Tegratol), among others. A condition known as plucking, when one pulls out their own hair compulsively, can cause difficulty with hair regrowth so if you've ever had this treatable condition, tell your doctor.

Because there are so many other causes of hair loss, you should talk to your doctor before you try any hair loss treatments on the market. Some doctors specialize in hair loss and hair loss treatments. You can find such a doctor and even participate in a live chat with a hair loss specialist at



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