Hair loss occurs in both men and women

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Do women lose hair just like men?

Hair loss occurs in both men and women

While it is quite common to joke about men losing their hair, women lose hair as well. There is even a term called female pattern baldness. Men tend to lose a bigger volume of hair because of their genetics (male pattern baldness). Men first see a receding hair line, then a loss of hair on the crown of the head until no hair is left at all. However, women's hair loss is characterized as just getting thinner all over. For this reason, female pattern baldness is less noticable.

Women with this condition tend to lose hair around the top of the entire head and realize it when they put their hair into certain types of hair styles like braids or ponytails. Some women lose hair because they have a larger amount of testosterone in their systems, which is also the reason some men lose hair. But there are different receptor sites of enzymes and hormones in men and women, and that's the reason the patterns of hair loss occur differently. Over-processing women's hair can also cause hair loss. This might occur from certain shampoos, bleaching or coloring. Hormones during aging, anemia, emotional traumas and dieting too much contribute to hair loss in women as well. If you are a women who is experiencing hair loss in clumps - or alopecia areata - see your doctor immediately as this can be a sign of an autoimmune disease.

Additionally, in some cases, hair loss in women is the only symptom of an underlying medical condition so don't be tempted to try and hide it - make an appointment with your doctor. If you are a woman and the cause of your hair loss is genetic, there are treatments on the market to correct the condition.



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