Avoiding hair transplant plugs

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Have hair transplant procedures gotten better?

Avoiding hair transplant plugs

Hair transplants have been successfully performed as a hair loss treatment for at least 40 years. But that doesn't mean that today's methods of permforming them are the same as they were decades ago. The hair transplants that resulted in a "plugged" effect were ones where the hair was placed in large groupings, leaving the transplanted hair looking patchy. Some also describe this result as doll hair.

Hair actually grows in an irregular pattern. (Maybe that's why people have so many bad hair days!) So hair transplant procedures that result in natural-looking hair have to be done in varied groupings. Many hair transplant surgeons now consider themselves to be artists, as they must pay meticulous attention to detail. These days everything is getting smaller, and a successful hair transplant is one whereby microsopic follicular hair units are placed by qualified surgeons like those at Medical Hair Restoration. This company has sites in most areas of the country and even offers travel discounts for some clients.



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