Can hair loss treatments offer guarantees?

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Do current hair loss treatments offer guarantees?

Can hair loss treatments offer guarantees?

The result of hair loss treatments - from herbal supplements to pills to foams to hair transplants - will vary from person to person. Even though male pattern baldness looks roughly the same on most men, treatment results may differ from one to another. The sooner you pursue any type of hair loss treatment, the better your long term results will be. And, make sure you thoroughly review any treatment before you take it. In some cases, if you stop too soon, you may lose all the results you got. Also, since hair loss is such a popular subject among men, more and more hair loss treatments are popping up and some of them may not have validity or proper testing completed. The best type of testing for any hair loss treatment is an independent study whereby some participants received a placebo or a 'fake' treatment that did not contain the medicine. This is called a control group. When it comes to hair transplant results, some guarantees are available. For instance, at Medical Hair Restoration, if patients follow the pre- and post-operative procedures, it's guaranteed that each graft will grow hair or be replaced at no charge. If grafts cannot be replaced, the hair transplant surgery fee may be replaced. You should always thoroughly review such promises before deciding on a hair loss treatment.



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