Quality hair loss surgery is undetectable

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Will people be able to know I had a hair transplant?

Quality hair loss surgery is undetectable

How do you know your hair transplant surgeon did a good job? First, your hair should look and feel natural and have the same growing patterns as normal hair. Normal hair actually has irregular, not regular growing patterns, and a good hair transplant surgeon takes this into account. Second, no one should know that you had a hair transplant unless you tell them. A good hair transplant should be undetectable. After your hair transplant, your hairline should not be in an exact line as this isn't natural. Good hair transplant surgeons use a crosshatching technique, allowing grafts of hair to be placed in varying directions and angles. Also, advanced methods have allowed grafts to be placed more tightly, which also contributes to your hair transplant being undetectable.

When you choose a hair transplant surgeon, he or she should talk about a customized approach to treating your hair loss through surgery. Because all hair is different - and the stage of hair loss in which men decide to pursue a hair restoration treatment varies - a qualified hair transplant center will not approach all surgeries the same way. On this site, www.mhrusa.com, you'll find lots of hair transplant before and after pictures that might help you decide whether or not to get the procedure, and what you might look like afterwards.



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