What is Normal Hair Loss?

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How do I know if my hair loss is normal or not?

What is Normal Hair Loss?

It is normal for people in their twenties to lose hair every day. In fact, some people might lose 50 to 100 daily. Normal hair loss and growth occurs in three phases over the course of approximately six years: a growth phase, a shedding phase and a resting phase.

Baldness happens when the second phase exceeds the first. If you are not sure you are experiencing normal hair loss, get an examination and diagnosis from a physician who specializes in hair restoration. Another symptom of baldness or total hair loss is noticing excessive hair in the shower drain or on a pillow. Women might see an overall thinning of the hair on the scalp, or a frontal temporal recession.

If you find yourself changing your hairstyle to cover hair loss, then it is not normal loss. In men, this can be in the form of a combover that typically draws attention to the bald spot underneath. Many women believe that coloring makes the hair appear thicker, but the bleaching often required actually reduces hair density.

The best time to seek a hair transplant or other method of dealing with hair loss is when it begins. For men, that is when the hairline starts to recede; for women it is when you pull your hair back in a ponytail or braid and it appears thinner than ever before.



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