Hair Loss Facts

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Does wearing a hat or frequent blow-drying cause eventual baldness?

Hair Loss Facts

Does wearing a hat all the time increase the chance of baldness? Does excessive blow-drying and primping thin out hair? What about frequent haircuts, do they make for thicker hair? If you want to get serious about selecting a hair loss solution, start by getting hair loss facts straight.

The reality is hats and blow-drying do not cause hair loss. It is true that frequent washing and blow-drying can exacerbate an already existing hair loss problem through excessive shedding, but it does not cause baldness. In addition, because hair is thicker at the base than at the tip, it only appears thicker when you get a fresh cut.

Another myth about hair loss is that it is only a male problem. While male pattern baldness is more common, many women suffer from the emotional and debilitating effects of losing their hair. Finally, while it was once believed that one's maternal side of the family determined genetic baldness, many experts now believe it comes from both sides of the family.



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