Women and Hair Loss

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Do women get hair transplants?

Women and Hair Loss

Can women get hair transplants just like men? While most treatments target male pattern baldness, surgical hair replacements are also performed on women.

Many women have confessed to spending years and thousands of dollars on pointless hair loss creams, hormone therapies, holistic approaches and eventually wigs. Because most balding solutions target men, women often end up trying treatments that are unproven and not effective.

Ultimately, a hair loss replacement is the only permanent way to restore a full head of hair. A popular way to approach hair loss surgery is through micro-grafts consisting of up to three hairs, also referred to as follicle units. Only a skilled doctor can tell you how many hair grafts are necessary to reach your goals and the overall look you desire.

Woman hair-loss treatments are now very advanced and typically produce natural results. Better yet, transplanted hair grows permanently. Also, modern methods allow surgeons to place permanent hair in front of, behind and within scar tissue, covering up any serious scars.



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