Rogaine, Not only for Men

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Is Rogaine only for male hair loss?

Rogaine, Not only for Men

If members of your extended family on all sides have experienced hair loss, you might too. There are many hair loss myths, but the role heredity plays is not one. This could be the case if you have found more hair in your brush than normal. Maybe your ponytail is smaller than it once was, or your part reveals more scalp.

The fact is women experience hereditary hair loss just as men. The symptoms appear differently, although some women do experience a receding hairline. What should you do if you think you are experiencing female hair loss? Go to your doctor. The cause is often genetic, but may also be illness or medication side effects.

Also, do not panic. In addition to a hair transplants, consider using Rogaine for women, the first and currently only FDA-approved treatment for hair loss in women. Users apply Rogaine twice daily. Women should only use 2% Rogaine. Rogaine can promote hair growth on other areas of the body, so women should use it only as directed.



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