Finding the Right Hair Replacement Clinic

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How do I find a hair replacement clinic if there isn't one near me?

Finding the Right Hair Replacement Clinic

There is no shortage of baldness treatment information available. While the internet is a great source, some hair transplant facilities offer informational seminars and forums. These present you the chance to meet individually with a hair transplant surgeon and other members of the facility's team, witness demonstrations of how hair loss surgery works and even meet others who have had successful surgery.

Before attending a seminar at a hair replacement clinic, write down all your questions and concerns. Once there, do not be afraid to evaluate what you see. After all, you will be placing a lot of trust in a clinic. Are the doctors enthusiastic? Do they take proper time to answer questions? Are they simply selling the baldness treatment or are they being honest about who does and does not make a good candidate for hair loss surgery? Does the facility look organized and clean? Do they treat you with respect and dignity? Do you feel comfortable around the staff? Ask specific questions about follow up care, complications, and payment plans. Starting your research online is a great idea, but you should ultimately assess hair replacement clinics in person.



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