Can a bad hair replacement be fixed?

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Can a bad hair replacement be fixed?

Can a bad hair replacement be fixed?

What is the recourse if your hair replacement surgery did not go as planned? Consider all options, including getting in touch with consumer organizations and lawyers. Have a professional carefully review the paperwork from the surgery to see about a refund.

In the meantime, talk to qualified surgeons about fixing the problem. Some hair replacement surgeons actually specialize in fixing botched procedures. One company that offers such a service is Medical Hair Restoration. You can find them online at

If you have not yet had hair replacement surgery, there is much you can do to prevent mistakes. First, choose a hair replacement facility that offers guarantees while keeping in mind that some hair grafts simply do not take. Many centers will replace these grafts at no cost as long as you follow proper pre- and post-surgery instructions. Be sure to cover this topic when talking with the surgeon. The long-term benefits of hair loss surgery depend to a degree on your prior total hair loss. Also, ask the surgeon how many procedures are necessary to achieve your goals. It may be one or more.



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