Laser hair restoration treatments

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What are laser hair restoration treatments?

Laser hair restoration treatments

While surgical hair replacement is popular as a permanent method of dealing with hair loss at hair restoration centers, a new set of options is gaining attention: laser-hair restoration therapy. These treatments are designed to not only stop hair loss, but grow lost hair as well.

One method involves a dome-shaped apparatus lined with laser lights along its interior. These low-energy lights stimulate the blood supply and deep scalp tissues, which experts believe promotes hair growth. It usually takes a series of these treatments along with supplemental techniques to achieve results.

Another treatment is low-level laser therapy. In theory, this stimulates growth and maintains healthy hair by promoting cell activity that allows nutrients into hair follicles. Specialists also often use this technique to aid the scalp after traditional hair restoration surgery.

Personal laser combs that supplement professional procedures are also now very popular. Patients often use these combs after traditional hair replacement surgery to accelerate healing.



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