Hair restoration uses a donor site

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Does hair restoration really work?

Hair restoration uses a donor site

If you are worried about the beginning of hair loss, you aren't alone. And, if you've searched online you've likely come across all types of hair loss remedies - from drugs to creams to shampoos to herbs. Some people swear by them but many find they are a waste of money. Hair restoration is one solution to hair loss that can actually offer some guarantee on the results. Many national hair restoration experts will offer you more sessions at no cost or a refund if you aren't satisfied.

But does hair restoration really work? Can a surgeon truly use the hair of a patient to fix baldness? The answer is yes and that's because of the donor site. A donor site is a portion of your head that is not thinning or balding. For men it's likely the sides or back. Because this hair will likely not shed, grafts taken from the donor site can be tranplanted to areas that are losing hair at a fast rate. During a single session hundreds or even thousands of hairs might be moved or transplanted to a balding area. Over time they grow into new hair and are not likely to fall out because they came from the donor site.

In most cases, hair restoration cannot give you back all the hair you lost or completely stop your hair loss tendency (hair loss is most often hereditary) but it can replace bald spots with your own hair, making the end result natural and undetectable. In other words, hair is not created during a transplant; it is simply moved from one area of your head to one or more separate areas. If your hair loss comes from other causes like lupus, injuries or other medical conditions, a hair transplant procedure might work for you as well.



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