Surgical hair restoration is not the same as hair plugs

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Are today's surgical hair restoration techniques the same as hair plugs?

Surgical hair restoration is not the same as hair plugs

The term hair plugs has been around for a while. For many it conjures up images of a bad hair transplant - one that is obvious, not natural and without proper density distributed throughout the head. Today's hair implant surgical methods have eliminated the need for transplanting plugs, or large groups of hair. So if you decide to undergo this type of advanced treatment you need not fear.

The main difference between hair plugs and modern hair transplantation is that surgeons use micrografts instead of large groupings. These are very small units of hairs - sometimes even individual hairs - so the end result is natural-looking hair with the same normal density that you have elsewhere on your head. If there was a way to increase the number of hair follicles we all have, surgical hair transplants might not be necessary. But we are all born with a set number of follicles. In a sense, surgical hair restoration is a way to "cheat" this fact! It's the only way to essentially increase the follicles we are born with.

When you interview clinics and surgeons about surgical hair replacement make sure you verify that they are using the latest micro-surgical techniques. These techniques are proven to give you thicker, denser results. The main reason hair restoration is permanent is that the hair follicles taken from the back of the head (where men are not shedding extra hair) will continue to grow hair no matter where they are placed on the head - that includes areas that had been shedding hair for some time. In this way, hair restoration surgery offers permanent results whereby other non-surgical solutions tend to stop or slow down hair loss, but are not as effective in regrowing all the hair a typical man or woman loses due to heredity.



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