Hair Restoration Costs

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How much does hair restoration surgery cost?

Hair Restoration Costs

It may sound outrageous to hear the total cost of hair loss surgery ranging from $1,200 to more than $9,000, but consider how much hair loss treatments cost bit by bit over the years. Some men spend up to $10,000 annually on hair growth potions, weaves, wigs and other nonsurgical solutions. Temporary custom hair systems often cost more than $1,000. The hair also needs to be managed and groomed at a cost upwards of $700 per year.

Experts usually determine hair restoration prices per graft. A qualified hair transplant surgeon provides estimates of how many grafts you need to reach your goal, with some variation. Several years ago, grafts cost approximately $15 each. Competition and advancements in technology have driven the price down $3 to $5 per graft, and if you receive a large number of grafts per session, the cost may go down still further. Another thing to consider is that medical hair restoration is a permanent solution, so over time it can become less expensive than a succession of temporary procedures.



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