Reduce Hair Restoration Costs

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How can I manage the costs of hair restoration?

Reduce Hair Restoration Costs

Even though the cost of hair restoration has gone down in recent years, it can still range from $1,000 to more than $10,000. It is overwhelming, but many qualified hair restoration clinics offer a variety of payment plans that fit personal budgets.

Also, keep in mind that hair restoration costs are the best value in dealing with hair loss over the long run. Other non-surgical solutions require ongoing payment.

One way to lower the cost of hair restoration is to go when you first notice hair loss. Most men and women avoid investigating this surgical option, causing their total costs to increase. You require additional grafts over time, but the cost will be more manageable.

Here are some additional tips to reduce the cost of hair restoration:

  • Get more than one consultation and compare prices.
  • Do not assume the most expensive surgeon is the best.
  • Ask about additional costs for anesthesia, follow up care and medicines. Make sure the quote you get for hair restoration surgery includes all associated costs.



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