Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

My problem is not with hair loss but with dry and damaged hair. How can I get my hair to be healthy again?

What is the best way to highlight a man's hair that is only 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length?

What exactly causes female hair loss?

My friend is suffering from hair loss. Is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening to me?

I am a women suffering from hair loss. What are my options in stopping my hair loss and growing back my hair?

I’m a woman who’s loosing her hair. Is hair restoration only for men or can women have this treatment also?

: Iím considering hair restoration. Whereís the best place to go for this kind of procedure?

Can stress really cause your hair to fall out?

: I am an African American women and love wearing braids in my hair. Is it true they can cause your hair to fall out?

What are some common reasons why women loose their hair?

Is it true that taking the pill to prevent pregnancy can cause your hair to fall out?

I have a medical condition in which I lost my eyebrows. Is there anything I can do to restore them?

If I have an eyebrow transplant will it look natural?

How well do the hairs from an eyebrow transplant blend with your existing eyebrow hair?

I have tried for years to grow a mustache but it never comes in thick enough. Is there anything that can be done to thicken it up?

Can you tell me what the risks are of getting a facial hair transplant?

I suffered from severe burns to my face years ago and as a result cannot grow a beard. Is there any way I can get this area to grow hair again and help cover up my scars?

I’m a man who has very little chest hair and it bothers me. Is there anything I can do to grow more hair on my chest area?

I had electrolysis a few years ago and removed all the hair in my bikini area. I’m now sorry I did it and would like to have at least some hair there. Is there anyway I can reverse the effects of the electrolysis?

I’d love to be able to grow a goatee but I can’t get my facial hair to grow evenly on my chin. Is there any type of procedure that can help me grow even facial hair?

What is the most common reason that men loose their hair?

How can you know for sure what is causing your hair loss?

Are there really any effective treatments for menís hair loss out there?

I know you can’t do anything to stop inherited hair loss but is there anything you can do to keep from loosing your hair to other causes?

Are there really any hair loss products out there that work or are they all fake?

How can I tell which hair loss products are scams and which ones actually work?

I’m loosing my hair via a receding hairline. I don’t want to take drugs or have a hair transplant. Are there any styling techniques that will help hide my hairline?

I’m considering getting a hair transplant. Are there places that perform these procedures better than others?

I know I’ve been loosing my hair but I’m not sure if I’ve lost enough to start worrying about some kind of treatment. Is there a way to tell how much hair you’ve lost from what is considered a normal amount of hair?

What things should I avoid doing right after my hair transplant surgery?

What will I need to do in the first few hours after a hair transplant as far as recovery goes?

Is there a certain way to wash my hair after a hair transplant?

What is the total time you need to recover from a hair transplant?

I had a hair transplant and the area is really itchy. Can I scratch it? Also, I’m a smoker. How long do I need to wait before smoking again?

How often can I wash my hair right after I have a hair transplant?

How long will the pain and numbness last after my hair transplant surgery?

Iíve heard getting your new hair transplants too wet right after can damage them. Is this true?

Whereís a good place to go to have a hair transplant by the best doctors?

I’m thinking of having a hair transplant procedure but I’m nervous about what exactly is involved. What’s the best way to get solid information before I have this done?

I’m thinking about getting hair transplants but I’m unsure how well it will turn out because I’ve lost a lot of hair. Is there any way to get a general idea of what I can expect should I decide to get a hair transplant?

How do you go about finding a good and reputable hair restoration facility?

What the best and quickest way to get information on having a hair transplant procedure?

I live in a small city that doesn’t have any hair transplant facilities. I was thinking of traveling to New York City to have my transplant done but I’m worried about trying to arrange a hotel and getting around in such a big city. Any advice on how to best arrange this kind of trip?

I’ve been viewing hair transplant pictures on the internet but sometimes it’s hard to know just how real the results are. Any advice for spotting realistic before and after pictures?

How can someone suffering from hair loss weed through all the bogus information and find solid facts about hair loss issues?

I’m having hair transplant surgery but I need to travel to do it. My doctor wants to do a consultation before the surgery but I can’t afford to travel back and forth twice. Is there any way to have him assess my needs without having to see him in person?

Whatís a good place to get really accurate information on hair loss?

Is there anywhere I can see what happens during a hair transplant before I decide to get one?

Are there different methods of getting the donor hair for a hair transplant and if so which one is best?

Can a person with very little hair on their head still have a hair transplant?

What can you tell me about laser hair transplants?

Is using a laser during a hair transplant just as good or better than using a scalpel?

I’m starting to loose my hair and I want to find a solution. Should I try the drugs for hair loss first or go straight to a hair transplant?

What are some of the hair transplant techniques available today?

I’m considering getting a non surgical hair replacement system. Can you give me any information on them?

Do non surgical hair systems require special treatment?

Iím going to be traveling to the US for a hair transplant. What kind of documentation will I need?

Can you give me an example of some celebrity hair transplants?

Where can I view hair transplant photos of women who have had the procedure done?

What kind of results can I expect from a hair transplant?

How quickly can I expect to grow hair after my hair transplant?

What will my scalp look and feel like right after my hair transplant?

How can I find which clinics offer the best hair replacement results?

Whatís the most effective way to research hair transplant clinics?

I’d like to read about others that have gone through a hair transplant and find out their results. Where can I do that?

I had a hair transplant years ago and I’m not happy with the results. Is there any procedures that can fix it and where’s the best place to go for that procedure?

I’m researching hair transplant clinics. Do you have any advice for how to go about choosing a good one?

I’m checking out hair replacement clinics. How do I know if a clinic is experienced enough to do a good job?

I’m going to New York City soon for a hair transplant. My wife and I will be driving but we’re not really familiar with New York City. What’s a good map to get so we don’t get lost?

I’m doing research on the internet to find a good hair transplant clinic. How do I know if the clinics recommended are really good ones?

I know I need to have a consultation before I have hair replacement surgery but how do I know I’ve had a thorough consultation?

I’m thinking about getting a hair transplant but don’t know if I can afford to pay a whole lot. Is it Ok to go with a clinic that’s cheaper than the others?

I’m twenty three years old and loosing my hair. I want to have a hair transplant but the doctor told me I’m too young and I should wait. Is there anything I can do to cover up my balding head that looks natural in the mean time?

I’m a thirty-two year old woman whose hair is thinning. I hate my thinning hair but I hate the idea of wearing a heavy wig. Is there anything that will cover up my hair loss but still look and feel natural?

I’ve heard that there are places that will do hair transplants for much cheaper than most places. Is this true and is it OK to use them?

I’m thinking about getting hair replacement surgery. What are some of the things I should consider before I go ahead and do it?

I’ve heard some doctors use staples after a hair transplant to close the incisions while some other doctors use stitches. Is there a difference?

Can women who take hormones be susceptible to hair loss?

What criteria should I be looking for when searching for an affordable hair transplant clinic?

Should I be suspicious of really cheap quotes for hair transplants?

Is the cost of a hair transplant really worth it and how does one justify the money spent?

What is the average cost of hair replacement surgery?

Is there any way of making a hair transplant more affordable?

I take Propecia for my hair loss but I’m considering a hair transplant. The only thing holding me back is the price. Any suggestions on how to get over this hurdle?

How do I go about finding a good hair transplant doctor?

What should I look for when speaking to a hair transplant doctor so I know he’s a good one to choose?

I want to have the FUE method of hair transplant done. Are most doctors capable of doing this procedure?

I’m a woman in my thirties with significant hair loss. I’m thinking about getting a hair transplant but how do I go about finding a doctor that caters to women?

Whereís a good place to find a reputable hair loss specialist?

Whatís the best way to find a good hair transplant doctor in Long Island?

With so many hair transplant doctors in New York how do I choose the best one?

What kinds of questions should I ask a hair transplant surgeon when deciding whether or not I want him to perform the procedure?

Besides his experience and credentials is there anything else I should ask or look for in a good hair transplant doctor?

Whatís a good way to check out and see if a hair transplant company is reputable?

What are some of the common hair transplant problems and how can I avoid them?

Whatís a good way to avoid some of the risks associated with hair transplants?

Are there any side effects that I can expect after my hair transplant?

I had a hair transplant years ago in the old plug style. I hate the way it looks and was wondering if there was a way to fix the transplant and make it more natural looking.

I have the old style plugs and I want to have them fixed. They’re really obvious and I was wondering if anything can be done to make them look more natural?

I have very noticeable scarring from a bad hair transplant I had a couple of years ago. Is there anything that can be done to remove or hide these scars?

I’m booked to have a hair transplant in three weeks. I’m aware of what will go on during the procedure but I’m a little worried about how much pain I’ll have afterwards. Do you know how much pain the average person has after a hair transplant?

I’m having a hair transplant in New York soon and I was wondering what the most common complications are?

How do I get to New York for a hair transplant?

How does DHT work in the body to cause hair loss?

Can I address my hair loss naturally?

Are there natural remedies for stopping premature hair loss?

If I use herbal supplements to stop hair loss, what precautions should I take?

What terminology is important in the study of hair loss?

Do women lose hair just like men?

How can I maintain my hair transplant results?

How will my hair behave after a hair transplant?

Are there side effects to taking Propecia for hair loss?

How do I know if my hair loss is normal or not?

Do women get hair transplants?

How is a hair transplant performed?

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