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Besides his experience and credentials is there anything else I should ask or look for in a good hair transplant doctor?

Finding A Compatible Hair Restoration Surgeon

When looking for a hair restoration surgeon you will undoubtedly want to check his credentials and experience as part of your meeting with him. But there are also other factors to take into account when choosing a surgeon that you will be comfortable with.

When speaking with your hair restoration surgeon prior to the procedure you may want to ask whether he alone will be performing the hair transplant or whether other doctors will be taking his place. While this may not be a concern for some, if you've built up a rapport with one doctor you may be upset when another doctor takes his place for most of the surgery.

Also you have to take the personality factor into account. Credentials are very important but you may also want a doctor that you feel you can be comfortable with. A doctor that makes you uneasy may mean you are less likely to ask him questions or voice concerns which may leave you feeling uneasy or unsatisfied with your hair transplant. When choosing a hair restoration surgeon try to choose one that is experienced and mindful of your needs.

I’m a woman in my thirties with significant hair loss. I’m thinking about getting a hair transplant but how do I go about finding a doctor that caters to women?

Finding Female Hair Loss Doctors

When most people think of hair loss they think of men suffering with male pattern baldness. The truth is many women also suffer with female pattern baldness and are looking for ways to recover the hair they have lost. While hair transplant clinics used to only cater to men, many clinics have female hair loss doctors that will treat women and their special hair loss needs.

When searching for female hair loss doctors be sure that they are not treating your hair loss as they would a man's. Female hair loss varies greatly from men and needs to be treated in a different light. Your female hair loss doctor should be familiar with the various causes of female hair loss and discuss these with you to find the true cause of your hair loss.

To find reputable female hair loss doctors your best bet is to go to an online forum that caters to female hair loss and ask for referrals there. There are bound to be women who have had some form of hair transplant or hair loss treatment and can recommend a reputable doctor.

I want to have the FUE method of hair transplant done. Are most doctors capable of doing this procedure?

Choosing The Right Hair Transplant Surgeons For FUE

Advances in hair transplants are making the procedure easier and less invasive for patients all the time. One of the newest procedures is the Follicular Unit Extraction. This process replaces the old donor strips and leaves virtually no scarring in the donor area and allows for a quicker healing time. This procedure is performed by many hair transplant surgeons but because it is so new not all surgeons perform this technique with the greatest skill.

If you are thinking of having a hair transplant and want to have the FUE method performed be sure that your surgeon not only offers this method but is experienced in performing it in the correct fashion. To find out if hair transplant surgeons are experienced enough to perform this method ask them how many of these procedures they have performed and ask to speak with clients of theirs who have had it done. You can also visit message boards and speak to people who have had the FUE transplant done and ask for recommendations of hair transplant surgeons who perform this method well.

What kinds of questions should I ask a hair transplant surgeon when deciding whether or not I want him to perform the procedure?

Checking On A Hair transplant MD's Credentials

When choosing the right hair transplant MD for you one of the most important aspects is his credentials. You will want to know what kind of training and experience he has had in order to judge whether or not you deem him competent enough to perform your hair transplant surgery.

Some of the questions you should ask your hair transplant MD are:

What school did he receive his medical degree from?

When did he receive his license to practice medicine and is he licenses to practice in your state?

Did he receive any specialty training after his residency and if so is he certified in that specialty?

Does he hold any memberships in medical societies?

When asking about a hair transplant MD's experience don't be afraid to be blunt. A reputable doctor won't have any qualms about answering questions such as how long they've been performing hair transplants and how many of these procedures have they performed. You will also want to ask if hair restoration is the only procedure he performs. If it isn't, how much time does he commit to performing hair transplants? This will give you an idea if this is his specialty or merely a small part of his business. Lastly, ask to speak to former patients of his and get their opinion on his skills.

With so many hair transplant doctors in New York how do I choose the best one?

Sending Photos to Doctors for a Consult

It can be quite frustrating when you find a New York hair replacement doctor that you want to consider, but you are living in a different part of the country. Some New York hair restoration centers allow you to send in photos and a brief history of your hair loss. Based on this information, the hair restoration surgeon can give you an initial impression regarding what he/she thinks might be accomplished with your procedure. If this initial contact is very positive, it then may be worth traveling to visit that doctor.

A photo consultation may offer you the advantage of communicating with a doctor in NY, California, Florida or other areas of the country without having to garner the additional expense of flying to each office. Usually the standard procedure for a photo consultation would require that you download or mail current photographs of yourself including your hairline and sides of your head. Usually they require that you include your location, (New York, California, Texas, etc) to help prevent time zone difficulties, and contact information, so the doctor can begin to communicate with you to ascertain the stage of your hair loss and make preliminary recommendations.

Keep in mind that photo consults are not a substitute for an in-person consultation where the doctor has a chance to examine you and offer therefore offers the best information for your specific situation. Even after a photo consult, if you have decided on a doctor to perform your hair restoration procedure, it is important that you meet with the physician prior to your procedure so that the surgical plan is clear and all of your questions have been answered.

Where’s a good place to find a reputable hair loss specialist?

Getting a Recommendation For A Hair Loss Specialist

When you've decided to find a treatment for your hair loss chances are you'll want to contact a hair loss specialist. These professionals can help assess the cause of your hair loss and advise you on treatment options that will best suit your needs. By visiting the website of The American Hair Loss Council you can find hair loss specialists in your area to consult with and find a solution to your hair loss.

When meeting with a hair loss specialist it is best to consult with one who is well versed in all hair loss treatments and options. While a hair loss specialist may specialize in one type of hair loss solution they should be willing to discuss all options with you and help you find a suitable solution for your needs.

If you are unsure as to what type of hair loss treatment you want to pursue you should try and meet with a variety of hair loss specialists who can give you the pros and cons of different types of treatments. Whether you decide on medication for your hair loss, a non surgical hair system or a hair transplant you should be educated in all these areas of hair loss treatment before making your decision.

What should I look for when speaking to a hair transplant doctor so I know he’s a good one to choose?

What You Should Expect From Hair Transplant Doctors

Finding reputable hair transplant doctors is not always an easy task. From the many doctors who perform hair transplants you will need to find one that is skilled, compassionate, ethical, and has your best interests at heart. To help you find the right doctor, there are several things that should occur even at the consultation.

Ideally, you should meet with the hair transplant doctor rather than a salesman or non-physician representative. The physician should examine you, assess your degree of hair loss and discuss all your options with you. This should be done by you doctor. Both the benefits and disadvantages of other treatments for your hair loss should be discussed. Hair transplantation should not be the only topic. The main focus of your doctor should be to find a solution to your hair loss that fits your needs the best, whether that or not that includes a hair transplant or other hair loss treatment.

If it is decided that hair transplantation is the best course of action, it is important that you feel comfortable with your doctor and are not apprehensive about the procedure, the doctor's experience, or the result of a hair transplant – don't make any decisions if you feel rushed.

How do I go about finding a good hair transplant doctor?

Finding A Hair Restoration Doctor

Bernstein Medical Tip: When you've decided to finally undergo a hair transplant and done your research on the procedure you will then need to find a reputable hair restoration doctor. There are hundreds of clinics to choose from but finding a hair restoration doctor with good track record can take some research.

Thankfully there are websites dedicated to helping potential hair transplant patients find reputable hair restoration doctors in their area. These websites will usually list clinics by state or country and some will come with information on the doctor's credentials and a link to their website.

While some websites do their own research and choose to include a hair restoration doctor based on their reputation and credentials some websites allow doctors to pay for inclusion in their directories. These directories shouldn't be taken as gospel for finding a good hair restoration doctor but they are a great start in narrowing down your choices. From there you can do further research on doctors you like and choose the best one for your needs.

What’s the best way to find a good hair transplant doctor in Long Island?

Hair Transplantation: Long Island Transplant Doctors

Bernstein Medical Tip: If you are looking for a reputable doctor to perform a hair transplantation Long Island has some of the most recognized and experienced doctors around today. These doctors offer the latest in hair transplant procedures and are well respected in many of the hair transplant forums on the Internet due to their high standards and ethical practices.

If you are considering hair transplantation on Long Island, there are many great hair transplant doctors to choose from. To find these doctors visit websites that offer directories and make a list of the doctors in the Long Island area. From there you can do individual research and/or consultations with these doctors to find the best one for you. It's also a good idea to ask around on Internet forums for recommendations from former patients who can give you a first hand account of what it's like to be a certain hair transplant doctor's patient.

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