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I’ve heard that there are places that will do hair transplants for much cheaper than most places. Is this true and is it OK to use them?

Hair Transplants On A Budget With The Hair Transplant Center

For those wanting to undergo a hair transplant one of the biggest hurdles they must face is coming up with the money to pay for the procedure. At the Hair Transplant Center they claim to have one of the most affordable hair transplant prices today. At this clinic they charge their clients by the graft and the price is a very low three dollars per graft. This means you only pay for the number of grafts you need and not a set price based on what the clinic estimates you might need.

The Hair Transplant Center averages that it costs a client eight dollars per graft at other clinics. Therefore, for a client that required 1500 grafts they could save a whopping $7,500 on their hair transplant surgery. Normally it's not recommended to bargain shop for your hair transplant so be sure you do your homework and make sure that any place that you choose offers a knowledgeable and experienced staff that will give you the most natural looking hair transplant possible.

I’m a thirty-two year old woman whose hair is thinning. I hate my thinning hair but I hate the idea of wearing a heavy wig. Is there anything that will cover up my hair loss but still look and feel natural?

Say Goodbye To Female Balding With The Hair Restoration Institute

Loosing your hair can be a frustrating and demoralizing process but for women it is even more crushing. Female pattern baldness can rob a woman of her self esteem, happiness and ability to enjoy her life. There are companies out there that cater to the specific needs of women suffering from hair loss and the Hair Restoration Institute in one of them.

With a woman's specific needs in mind the Hair Restoration Institute offers solutions for just about any type of female hair loss. For women who have lost most or all of their hair they can choose a completely natural hair replacement system that acts, looks and feels like real hair. These are not wigs and these hair replacement systems will look as though the hair is actually growing out of your scalp.

For women with specific problem areas there are the Hair Restoration Institutes Graduated Enhancement method. These smaller hair replacement pieces work with your existing hair and supplement it, giving you very natural looking, fuller hair. The pieces can be used to fill in a thin crown area, thicken a thinning hairline or provide thicker hair all over if needed. Human hair is used and it is matched to your own hair color so it is undetectable. This is a wonderful solution for women suffering with female hair loss who want the feeling of a full head of hair back again.

I’m twenty three years old and loosing my hair. I want to have a hair transplant but the doctor told me I’m too young and I should wait. Is there anything I can do to cover up my balding head that looks natural in the mean time?

Put Off Your Hair Transplant With Hair Replacement Centers

Approximately 25 percent of balding men begin to experience significant hair loss as young as 21-years-old. This can be extremely devastating and many of these young men are eager to undergo hair transplant surgery. Unfortunately, men this young do not make good candidates for hair transplants as their hair loss pattern is still too unstable to predict. Thankfully, a hair replacement system from hair replacement centers offers a solution for those who are not yet ready for a hair transplant.

Hair replacement centers offers custom made hair replacement pieces that are hand crafted to be completely undetectable. The hair used is high quality human hair and is attached, one strand at a time, to a light weight, opaque base. You can choose to have either a permanent or removable hair replacement system and you will not be limited as to the activities you participate in, such as swimming or showering, because the system looks natural wet or dry. This is a great way for men who are loosing their hair to combat their balding until they are ready to undergo a hair transplant.

Due to the incredibly natural look of hair replacement centers hair replacement systems one might choose to forgo a hair transplant altogether. The system looks like natural hair and is much less expensive than having hair transplants. Not to mention you avoid having surgery. For those that don't want to go under the knife but want their hair back the hair replacement centers systems are a great choice.

I know I need to have a consultation before I have hair replacement surgery but how do I know I’ve had a thorough consultation?

Having a Proper Consultation For Hair Replacement

Before you decide to undergo a hair transplant in New York or any other location, you will need to have a thorough consultation to diagnose your hair loss, confirm that you are a candidate for a hair restoration procedure, and have all of your questions answered.

When having a consultation for hair replacement, a reputable practice will ensure that your consultation is with the actual doctor that will be performing your hair transplant. This allows you to have all of your questions answered by the medical professional that will be performing your surgery. Be aware that some hair transplant clinics have you meet with a salesman or consultant and you may not actually meet the doctor performing your procedure until the day of surgery. It is OK to have consultants answer general questions about the procedure, but the assessment and specific recommendations with regard to treatment should be from the doctor himself.

Remember, you are always allowed more than one consultation before deciding to undergo the procedure. You might be very wary of practices that discourage you from seeking a second opinion. When deciding on hair replacement in New York City, or anywhere in the world, clinics worthy of your business will encourage you to have as many consultations as it takes for you to feel informed and comfortable enough to continue with the procedure.

At your consultation, ask yourself, does this facility use the most state of the art techniques and current procedures? Is the doctor interested in only a “quick fix” to my hair loss or is he developing a Master Plan to aid me with hair loss issues in years to come? Is the doctor simply “eyeballing” my hair loss, or is he using techniques like video-densitometry? Was the doctor welcoming and happy to answer all of my questions? If the answers are no, you may want to continue your research.

I’m doing research on the internet to find a good hair transplant clinic. How do I know if the clinics recommended are really good ones?

Beware Of "Recommended New York" Hair Transplantation Clinics On Websites

They say a recommendation is one of the best ways to find a reputable business, especially a medical practice. While this is true, you should be wary of the source of the recommendation. When using the Internet to research New York hair transplantation facilities, you may stumble upon a website or doctor who is getting high praises for their work. Keep in mind that some recommendations are based on compensation. Ask yourself, is this a patient? Has this person had an actual procedure at this facility? And are they being compensated for their positive statements?

One of the easiest ways to spot compensation is to look for a link labeled “affiliate program” or “affiliate information” on the recommended website. This link is usually located at the very bottom of the business's homepage. While this doesn't mean the clinic is not a good choice, you should realize that the recommendation isn't an unbiased one. The best bet when looking for a recommendation for a reputable New York hair transplantation practice is a personal recommendation from someone you know.

I’m thinking about getting a hair transplant but don’t know if I can afford to pay a whole lot. Is it Ok to go with a clinic that’s cheaper than the others?

The Bosley Medical Hair Restoration Clinic: Don't Cut Costs

Sure, we all like to find a great bargain and save some money from time to time. Yet when it comes to choosing the right hair transplant clinic the Bosley Medical Hair Restoration Clinic strongly advises against cutting corners. A well done hair transplant should be undetectable to everyone except a trained professional. A hair transplant that is this natural looking can only be performed by an experienced and knowledgeable clinic. Due to their experience and craftsmanship it is unlikely that the very best clinics will be the cheapest.

On the other hand, if you do find a bargain clinic to perform your hair transplant the Bosley Medical hair restoration clinic warns that the price you really pay may be in your substandard transplant. The money you save won't seem worth it if your hair transplant is obvious or performed incorrectly with the possibility of irreversible complications. Remember, you only have one chance to get a hair transplant right so don't go bargain shopping when choosing your hair restoration clinic.

I’m checking out hair replacement clinics. How do I know if a clinic is experienced enough to do a good job?

Finding An Experienced Hair Replacement Clinic

When it comes to hair transplants you want to make sure the establishment has a great deal of experience in this field. One of the ways to find out how experienced a hair replacement clinic is is to ask how long they have been in business. Either the clinic or the doctor who will be performing your surgery should have many years of experience in hair transplants to ensure they are knowledgeable of the procedures. It also helps to read up on the latest procedures and ask if that particular hair replacement clinic practices them.

Another sure sign of an experienced hair replacement clinic is to find out what percentage of their business is dedicated to hair replacement. Many clinics do nothing but hair replacement surgery while others have hair replacement as only a small percentage of their business. As a general rule, a hair replacement clinic that does nothing but hair replacements will have more experience with the procedure. Do keep in mind though, that some hair restoration doctors will divide their time between hair replacement and other clinic duties in a hospital. This is not a bad thing but do make sure that your surgeon at least performs hair restoration on a regular basis, preferably once a week or more.

I’m researching hair transplant clinics. Do you have any advice for how to go about choosing a good one?

What To Look For In A Hair Transplant Clinic

When deciding to undergo a hair transplant, one of your most important tasks is finding a reputable hair transplant clinic. When choosing a clinic, there are some very important factors that you should consider in order to ensure you get the very best hair transplant possible.

A personal recommendation to a specific hair transplant clinic is an excellent first step. A happy client is a sign of a professional establishment, something you can't always ensure when you choose hair transplant clinics from a phone book. When you get a recommendation, ask the person as many questions about their experiences both the positive and negative. Look at their results, would you know from looking at their results if they had a hair transplant?

Check the credentials and experience of the doctor as well as the clinic which performed their hair transplantation. What is the reputation of the clinic? Is the doctor well published in medical journals? Is he/she considered an expert in the field? If the hair transplant practice is well respected, this information should be available on the internet – and with a little research you should be able to easily find it.

How do I get to New York for a hair transplant?

Traveling to a New York Hair Transplant Clinic

If you are flying into Manhattan to visit a New York hair transplant clinic, John F. Kennedy International Airport, may not be the quickest place to land. Depending on airline availability, both LaGuardia and Newark International Airports may be better bets, since they are closer to Manhattan than JFK.

If you are visiting a New York hair transplant clinic and prefer to travel by rail, Penn Station, located in central Manhattan is by far the busiest train station in the United States. Owned by Amtrak, it is at the center of the Northeast Corridor, an electrified passenger rail line extending south to Washington, D.C. and north to Boston.

I’m going to New York City soon for a hair transplant. My wife and I will be driving but we’re not really familiar with New York City. What’s a good map to get so we don’t get lost?

Beware Of “The New York Hair Transplant Center” That Aren't Located in NY

Be aware that many doctors and facilities that claim to be New York hair transplant clinics may not be located in New York City at all. Some doctors may rent temporary space in other NY cosmetic facilities that were designed for other types of procedures and only fly in temporarily to do a few surgeries before returning to their home base of operations. Likewise, some clinics may list multiple locations, but many of these are simply “sales offices” and you may have to fly elsewhere for the actual surgery.

You want to select a facility where the doctor and team are there on a permanent basis, where the facilities are dedicated to performing the specific hair restoration procedure you will undergo and where your follow-up care will be assured.

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