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I’m thinking about getting hair transplants but I’m unsure how well it will turn out because I’ve lost a lot of hair. Is there any way to get a general idea of what I can expect should I decide to get a hair transplant?

Viewing Hair Transplant Photos

Viewing hair transplant photos is a great way to give you an idea of what type of results you can expect after having a hair transplant procedure. Simply type the words “hair transplant photos” into a search engine and you'll have access to hundreds of before and after pictures of hair restoration patients. Pay particular attention to the before photos and look for patient photos who's hair loss was in roughly the same stage as yours is now. Look at many of these types and it should give you a good idea of what you can expect should you undergo this procedure.

Another great use of hair transplant photos is to use them to judge the abilities of a certain physician. If you have a particular doctor in mind, check out their website and view the before and after hair transplant photos. Keep in mind that everyone is different and results will vary depending on the individual, but if you are impressed with the naturalness of the photos, this is another positive step in the task of choosing a reputable physician to perform your hair transplant.

While good hair transplant photos shouldn't be the only criteria for choosing a hair transplant surgeon, viewing these photos will at least give you some insight into the doctor's abilities and give you a somewhat realistic view of what hair restoration can do for you.

What’s a good place to get really accurate information on hair loss?

Receiving Accurate Hair Transplant Information

Curing hair loss is big business and as such it breeds a lot of misinformation that can be difficult to weed through. Most facilities that perform hair restoration procedures have websites that contain a wide array of hair transplant information. But what kind of information is most valuable?

Un-retouched before and after photos are useful as is information about the surgeon's credentials and experience. And if a doctor is a published author on hair transplantation, his medical publications will attest to his leadership in the field.

Another great information source are weblogs. When visiting a hair transplant website, check to see if the doctor writes a Blog. Blog topics can sometimes be easier to read than long articles and give you concise and updated information in short entries.

I’m having hair transplant surgery but I need to travel to do it. My doctor wants to do a consultation before the surgery but I can’t afford to travel back and forth twice. Is there any way to have him assess my needs without having to see him in person?

Long Distance Consultations For Hair Transplantation: Photos Can Make The Difference

People thinking of undergoing a hair transplant will need to have a consultation performed to assess their hair loss before the surgery. Many times this is done in person but for those who live far away an initial consultation can be done using pictures. Before your hair transplantation photos taken by you can be sent to the facility where the doctor can view them and begin assessing your hair transplant needs.

When taking the photos try to have the pictures taken close up and have them as detailed as possible. Just to be safe it never hurts to take several photos and send them all in. This will help the doctor assess your needs in a better manner. A phone consultation should then be set up where the doctor can discuss your options and answer any questions you many have. When having a long distance consultation for a hair transplantation photos should be used only as an initial consultation.

Before the surgery is performed a second in person consultation should be performed. Even the best photos won't replace the details your doctor will see by assessing your hair loss in person. This consultation will likely take place a day or two before your surgery once you have traveled to the facility for your surgery. By now your doctor will have at least some guideline of what your surgery will require and will save you some time during your second consultation. So when considering a hair transplantation photos can help your doctor initially asses your needs when you cannot travel for an in person consultation.

How can someone suffering from hair loss weed through all the bogus information and find solid facts about hair loss issues?

Keep Up To Date With Hair Loss Information At A Hair Transplant Forum

Many times when people visit message boards or forums on the Internet it's to discuss a certain topic with those affected by or interested in the same thing. Yet forums can also be a great source of news for those wanting to keep up with the latest advancements on a topic. For those looking for hair loss or hair transplant information visiting a hair transplant forum can keep you up to date and help weed out bogus information.

With so many hair loss products on the market it can be overwhelming for those trying to weed out the scams from the actual hair loss medications. Hair loss and hair transplant forums are a great source of honest product reviews from those who have tried them already. Want to know if you'll be wasting your money on a laser comb? Check out these forums and find out if this product has worked on others before you spend your cash.

You can also keep up with the latest advancements in hair loss and hair transplants at many of these hair transplant forums. Read up on new techniques such as hair multiplication or even hair cloning. If you're suffering from hair loss it pays to do your homework and keep up to date on products and procedures by regularly visiting a hair loss or hair transplant forum.

I’ve been viewing hair transplant pictures on the internet but sometimes it’s hard to know just how real the results are. Any advice for spotting realistic before and after pictures?

Spotting Realistic Hair Transplant Pictures

Chances are if you're considering hair transplant surgery you've spent some time looking at hair transplant pictures on the Internet. This can be a great way of viewing a hair restoration facilities handiwork and getting an idea of what your end results may look like. Yet some pictures may be presented in a less realistic way than others, skewing the before and after results. Here's what to look for when viewing realistic hair transplant pictures.

Is the angle the same? Some facilities may choose a more over head angle to show off the progression of a patient's baldness in the “before” photo. This is understandable but an “after” photo taken straight on may give the impression of thicker hair than is really there. Try and view hair transplant pictures where the “before” and “after” photos are taken at the same angle for truer results.

When viewing eyebrow hair transplant pictures you should also be aware that the “after” photos in some cases may make the eyebrows appear thicker than they are due to the use of pens to mark off the recipient area. Also pictures taken immediately after the procedure will show the area as darker due to some bleeding and post surgery redness. The best “after” hair transplant pictures of eyebrows are the ones taken a few days or weeks afterwards as they will give you a more realistic view of the end results.

I live in a small city that doesn’t have any hair transplant facilities. I was thinking of traveling to New York City to have my transplant done but I’m worried about trying to arrange a hotel and getting around in such a big city. Any advice on how to best arrange this kind of trip?

Planning Your Out Of Town Hair Restoration: New York City Facilities Tips

For those who live in rural areas or a city without a major center to perform hair restoration, New York City is a common destination. The procedures performed in these state-of-the-art facilities are geared towards giving their patients the most natural, hair transplants available today. For those traveling to New York City for their hair transplant procedure, don't be too concerned about the added expense of having to stay in the Big Apple for your surgery.

When deciding on a facility to perform your hair restoration in New York City, consider that some hair transplant establishments are willing to reimburse you for part of the cost of your hotel stay. This helps alleviate some of the extra financial burden placed on those traveling from out of town. Some facilities will help arrange the accommodations for you and offer suggestions on how to find easy transportation to and from their facility.

These extra services can be very helpful for those who do not know their way around New York City. So when you're choosing a facility for your hair restoration, some New York City practices are willing to go the extra mile to make your procedure as hassle and worry free as possible.

What the best and quickest way to get information on having a hair transplant procedure?

Get Your Questions Answered In A Hair Transplant Forum

Forums and blogs are a great way to gather information and get your questions answered on just about any topic. In a hair transplant forum, you can read about the experiences of hair transplant patients who have already undergone the procedure to get a first hand account of what to expect. You can find out about new hair transplant procedures such as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction, and get information on having old “plug-like” grafts repaired.

A feature of some physician blogs on hair transplants is the ability to ask specific questions and have an expert doctor answer it for you. This is a fast and easy way to get the accurate information you need when trying to make a decision about undergoing a surgical hair restoration or hair transplant repair procedures.

How do you go about finding a good and reputable hair restoration facility?

Choosing a Reputable Surgical Hair Restoration Facility

So you've decided to do something about your hair loss and believe that having a hair transplant is the answer. Before you undergo such a procedure be sure you've done your homework and checked out several facilities before choosing the right one for you. You'll want to find the best possible place to have your hair restoration go as smoothly as possible with the most satisfying results.

The first step is to learn the latest surgical hair restoration procedures that are available. Improvements are always being made to these techniques to give the most natural looking and long lasting results. You will want to make sure the facility you choose is performing the latest surgical hair restoration procedures, such as follicular unit transplantation, so find out if the facility specializes in this option.

To find a doctor, there are many resources available including the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons) and the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS). These are good places to start. The ISHRS lists almost every doctor performing surgical hair restoration. Physician members of the ABHRS have a minimum of several years clinical experience in surgical hair restoration and must pass certifying examinations. Look at the websites, etc. of various doctors. Look at their resume, experience, publications and photos.

I’m thinking of having a hair transplant procedure but I’m nervous about what exactly is involved. What’s the best way to get solid information before I have this done?

Get Hair Transplant Information At An Open House

If you are considering undergoing a hair transplant you need to research your options and get as much information as you can prior to the procedure. One of the best ways to do this is to attend a hair transplant information open house. When you attend one of these open houses you are given a chance to view the facility you've chosen and speak with a hair transplantation doctor to have all of your questions answered. Therefore, it's a good idea to do your research first and write down a list of the questions you may have. This way you won't forget to ask those important questions during the hair transplantation information session.

Another benefit to attending these open houses is you get the chance to speak with past clients who have already undergone a hair transplant. You can ask those clients questions and get information from a fellow client's point of view. Some facilities even allow you to actually watch a transplant being performed so you can see first hand what the procedure involves. If you are planning to have hair transplant surgery you owe it to yourself to fully check out the facility and the doctors who will be performing your surgery before any work is done. Attending a hair transplant information open house is an excellent way to get your questions and concerns addressed.

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