How To Highlight Hair That Is Very Short

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What is the best way to highlight a man's hair that is only 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length?

How To Highlight Hair That Is Very Short

Highlighting your own hair, or someone else's, at home can be tricky. This is even truer if you are highlighting hair that is very short. The key to great hair highlighting on this length of hair is precision and patience.

First, you will want to put on the gloves that come with the home hair highlighting kit and mix the ingredients according to the included directions. Remember, this is a product high in peroxide so don't let it get on your skin. If you do get some of the mixture anywhere on you be sure to wash that area immediately. Also remember to wear old clothes and cover yourself (or the person whose hair is being highlighted) with an old towel to catch any drips.

Since the hair you are highlighting is so short you will want to skip using any plastic cap and brush that is included with the kit. You won't be able to control the placement as well when highlighting hair that is this short so it's best to use the tools nature gave you—your fingers.

With gloved hands, dip your pointer finger and thumb into the hair highlighting mixture and coat the pads of each finger. Next, starting with the front of the hair, grasp the tip of a very small section of hair and very gently rub it between your coated fingers to transfer the mixture onto that section of hair. Be careful not to get globs on the mixture where you don't want it. Your goal when highlighting hair this short is to simply place enough of the mixture on the very tips to lighten them.

Repeat the process throughout the top of the head in random but even sections. Don't highlight hair on the sides or back as it will only end up looking like leopard spots. When you have finished applying the hair highlighting mixture leave the mixture on for the recommended time. If it took you a long time to apply you may want to check the first pieces you highlighted (since they got a head start) to see if they are done. If they are light enough simply lightly mist that section of hair only with a water bottle to stop the process and let the rest of the hair catch up.



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