Effective Hair Loss Medication For Men

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Are there really any effective treatments for men’s hair loss out there?

Effective Hair Loss Medication For Men

For many men the thought of loosing any more hair is just much more than they can bear. This is why so many men seek out effective hair loss medication to help stop and reverse the effects of male hair loss.

The most common and effective hair loss medication on the market today is a drug called Finasteride, also known as Propecia. This pill is taken once a day and lowers the levels of androgens in the body that are responsible for hair loss. Propecia has been proven to not only slow down the rate of hair loss in men but is also effective in re-growing hair.

Propecia has proven effective in growing hair in the front hairline, an area that is usually resistant to other treatments, which is great news for men with receding hair lines. Though this hair loss medication won't typically grow back enough hair to cover completely bald spots there will be visible results anywhere from a few months to a year of taking the medication. This is why it is recommended to begin taking Propecia sooner than later in the hair loss process for better results.



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