Tips For Male Hair Loss Prevention

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I know you can’t do anything to stop inherited hair loss but is there anything you can do to keep from loosing your hair to other causes?

Tips For Male Hair Loss Prevention

Even though male hair loss is a common problem most men still cringe at the thought of loosing all their hair. While inherited male pattern baldness can only be dealt with using prescribed medication or hair transplants, other causes of hair loss can be avoided with proper male hair loss prevention.

There are some medications that will cause hair loss when taken. These include some types of blood thinners, migraine medication such as methysergide, gout medication such as allopurinol and colchicines and lithium for bipolar disorder. While it may be necessary for you to take these specific medications one step in hair loss prevention is to ask your doctor if there is an alternative medicine that won't cause hair loss.

Poor diet is another cause of hair loss. This is an easy form of hair loss prevention as it only requires that you eat a healthy balanced diet. Be sure to eat foods rich in iron and protein to prevent hair loss. Exercising regularly rids the body of built up adrenaline which can lead to stress related hair loss. The healthier your lifestyle the more you lessen your chances of non-inherited hair loss.



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