Hair Transplantation: New York City Facilities

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I’m considering getting a hair transplant. Are there places that perform these procedures better than others?

Hair Transplantation: New York City Facilities

Bernstein medical Tip: If you're thinking of undergoing hair transplantation in New York City, there are many cutting edge facilities that practice the latest in natural looking and safe hair transplant procedures. Many years ago hair was transplanted using unsightly “plugs”. These bunches of hair were planted in the head and looked very similar to how a Barbie doll's hair is attached. It was not pretty to say the least.

Today, for those undergoing hair transplantation, New York City facilities off a new procedure called Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) where hair is transplanted in its naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs. The donor hair is taken in strips from the back of the scalp and the follicles are then microscopically dissected from the strip.

Not only does this new technique look amazingly natural but it also allows the doctors to place the grafts in very small recipient sites and with minimal scarring. The doctors can literally transplant thousands of follicles very quickly and the patient can have their hair transplant done in very short time. So if you are thinking of hair transplantation, New York City is a great option as they are up to date with the latest transplant technologies.



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