Making Your Hair Transplant Recovery A Comfortable One

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What will I need to do in the first few hours after a hair transplant as far as recovery goes?

Making Your Hair Transplant Recovery A Comfortable One

Once you've completed your hair transplant there will be certain things you won't be allowed to do in order to facilitate a speedy hair transplant recovery. On top of those activities to avoid there are other minor things you can do to make your hair transplant recovery a more pleasant experience.

First off, you should be aware that immediately following your hair transplant the new transplants will be very noticeable and quite sensitive. To cover up the transplant and help protect your new hair you might want to take a baseball cap with you to your surgery. After the surgery you can carefully put the cap on but don't secure the back strap - leave the cap loose on your head. You will want the cap to remain loose on your head to avoid cutting off the blood flow to the grafts and prevent rubbing on the new hair follicles. The best way to put on your hat is to press the front of the cap against your forehead and gently ease the back of the cap down over your head. This will camouflage your transplant and make you feel more at ease during the beginning of your hair transplant recovery.

Since you will have received a local anesthetic you will not be able to drive yourself home. Arrange to have someone drive you to and from the appointment and to stay with you afterwards. This way you can travel home safely and relax for the first few hours of your hair transplant recovery.



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