Spotting Realistic Hair Transplant Pictures

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I’ve been viewing hair transplant pictures on the internet but sometimes it’s hard to know just how real the results are. Any advice for spotting realistic before and after pictures?

Spotting Realistic Hair Transplant Pictures

Chances are if you're considering hair transplant surgery you've spent some time looking at hair transplant pictures on the Internet. This can be a great way of viewing a hair restoration facilities handiwork and getting an idea of what your end results may look like. Yet some pictures may be presented in a less realistic way than others, skewing the before and after results. Here's what to look for when viewing realistic hair transplant pictures.

Is the angle the same? Some facilities may choose a more over head angle to show off the progression of a patient's baldness in the “before” photo. This is understandable but an “after” photo taken straight on may give the impression of thicker hair than is really there. Try and view hair transplant pictures where the “before” and “after” photos are taken at the same angle for truer results.

When viewing eyebrow hair transplant pictures you should also be aware that the “after” photos in some cases may make the eyebrows appear thicker than they are due to the use of pens to mark off the recipient area. Also pictures taken immediately after the procedure will show the area as darker due to some bleeding and post surgery redness. The best “after” hair transplant pictures of eyebrows are the ones taken a few days or weeks afterwards as they will give you a more realistic view of the end results.



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