Long Distance Consultations For Hair Transplantation: Photos Can Make The Difference

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I’m having hair transplant surgery but I need to travel to do it. My doctor wants to do a consultation before the surgery but I can’t afford to travel back and forth twice. Is there any way to have him assess my needs without having to see him in person?

Long Distance Consultations For Hair Transplantation: Photos Can Make The Difference

People thinking of undergoing a hair transplant will need to have a consultation performed to assess their hair loss before the surgery. Many times this is done in person but for those who live far away an initial consultation can be done using pictures. Before your hair transplantation photos taken by you can be sent to the facility where the doctor can view them and begin assessing your hair transplant needs.

When taking the photos try to have the pictures taken close up and have them as detailed as possible. Just to be safe it never hurts to take several photos and send them all in. This will help the doctor assess your needs in a better manner. A phone consultation should then be set up where the doctor can discuss your options and answer any questions you many have. When having a long distance consultation for a hair transplantation photos should be used only as an initial consultation.

Before the surgery is performed a second in person consultation should be performed. Even the best photos won't replace the details your doctor will see by assessing your hair loss in person. This consultation will likely take place a day or two before your surgery once you have traveled to the facility for your surgery. By now your doctor will have at least some guideline of what your surgery will require and will save you some time during your second consultation. So when considering a hair transplantation photos can help your doctor initially asses your needs when you cannot travel for an in person consultation.



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