Beware Of “The New York Hair Transplant Center” That Aren't Located in NY

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I’m going to New York City soon for a hair transplant. My wife and I will be driving but we’re not really familiar with New York City. What’s a good map to get so we don’t get lost?

Beware Of “The New York Hair Transplant Center” That Aren't Located in NY

Be aware that many doctors and facilities that claim to be New York hair transplant clinics may not be located in New York City at all. Some doctors may rent temporary space in other NY cosmetic facilities that were designed for other types of procedures and only fly in temporarily to do a few surgeries before returning to their home base of operations. Likewise, some clinics may list multiple locations, but many of these are simply “sales offices” and you may have to fly elsewhere for the actual surgery.

You want to select a facility where the doctor and team are there on a permanent basis, where the facilities are dedicated to performing the specific hair restoration procedure you will undergo and where your follow-up care will be assured.



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