Having a Proper Consultation For Hair Replacement

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I know I need to have a consultation before I have hair replacement surgery but how do I know I’ve had a thorough consultation?

Having a Proper Consultation For Hair Replacement

Before you decide to undergo a hair transplant in New York or any other location, you will need to have a thorough consultation to diagnose your hair loss, confirm that you are a candidate for a hair restoration procedure, and have all of your questions answered.

When having a consultation for hair replacement, a reputable practice will ensure that your consultation is with the actual doctor that will be performing your hair transplant. This allows you to have all of your questions answered by the medical professional that will be performing your surgery. Be aware that some hair transplant clinics have you meet with a salesman or consultant and you may not actually meet the doctor performing your procedure until the day of surgery. It is OK to have consultants answer general questions about the procedure, but the assessment and specific recommendations with regard to treatment should be from the doctor himself.

Remember, you are always allowed more than one consultation before deciding to undergo the procedure. You might be very wary of practices that discourage you from seeking a second opinion. When deciding on hair replacement in New York City, or anywhere in the world, clinics worthy of your business will encourage you to have as many consultations as it takes for you to feel informed and comfortable enough to continue with the procedure.

At your consultation, ask yourself, does this facility use the most state of the art techniques and current procedures? Is the doctor interested in only a “quick fix” to my hair loss or is he developing a Master Plan to aid me with hair loss issues in years to come? Is the doctor simply “eyeballing” my hair loss, or is he using techniques like video-densitometry? Was the doctor welcoming and happy to answer all of my questions? If the answers are no, you may want to continue your research.



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