How to Know if Your Cheap Hair Transplant Quote Is Really Accurate

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Should I be suspicious of really cheap quotes for hair transplants?

How to Know if Your Cheap Hair Transplant Quote Is Really Accurate

When shopping around for a hair transplant clinic there's no doubt that the question of cost is going to come up at some point. What may surprise you is the wide range of costs you may encounter in your quest for a cheap hair transplant. Before you snatch up what you think is a great deal consider what a cheaper quote really means and is it as accurate as you're being led to believe?

First you may want to ask each clinic how many follicles they are estimating you will need implanted. The number of follicles used has a direct impact on the price you will pay. Lower quotes will most likely mean fewer follicles. If you are only looking for a slight improvement in your hair thickness a smaller amount of follicles may suffice, but chances are if you're getting hair transplants you want a noticeable difference. This is where a cheap hair transplant that includes much fewer follicles won't be a bargain because you will likely be disappointed with the results.

Another factor to consider is whether that quote is really accurate. It is said that a man will spend up to $5,000 on a cosmetic procedure without much hesitation but much beyond that and he may hesitate. If the quote you are given seems excessively low for your cheap hair transplant you may be getting under quoted in an attempt to simply get you in the chair. Once you commit to the procedure the doctor may up the price by telling you you'd be happier with more follicles for instance. The best course of action when looking for a cheap hair transplant is to discuss your specific goals with your doctor and then base your choice on which clinic will meet those goals for the best price.



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