Weighing The Cost Of A Hair Transplant

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Is the cost of a hair transplant really worth it and how does one justify the money spent?

Weighing The Cost Of A Hair Transplant

When pricing out the cost of a hair transplant you might find yourself going into sticker shock. Yes, these procedures aren't cheap but depending on your situation you may find that the cost of a hair transplant isn't as expensive as you initially thought.

For example, if you are a man who currently wears a hair piece or wig you know that those hair replacement systems are not cheap. Typically, a good quality hair piece costs $1,200 and needs to be replaced once a year. Couple that with the cost of grooming and reattaching and you'll see that that the cost of wearing a hair piece for a number of years may soon add up to the cost of a hair transplant.

Also, you can cut the cost of a hair transplant depending on how many follicles you need. If you are looking to go from bald to a full head of hair your costs will reflect the need for more follicles, assuming that you have that many to be transplanted. Yet if you are only looking for a moderate enhancement the number of follicles, and the cost of a hair transplant, will be much lower.



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