Finding A Hair Restoration Doctor

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How do I go about finding a good hair transplant doctor?

Finding A Hair Restoration Doctor

Bernstein Medical Tip: When you've decided to finally undergo a hair transplant and done your research on the procedure you will then need to find a reputable hair restoration doctor. There are hundreds of clinics to choose from but finding a hair restoration doctor with good track record can take some research.

Thankfully there are websites dedicated to helping potential hair transplant patients find reputable hair restoration doctors in their area. These websites will usually list clinics by state or country and some will come with information on the doctor's credentials and a link to their website.

While some websites do their own research and choose to include a hair restoration doctor based on their reputation and credentials some websites allow doctors to pay for inclusion in their directories. These directories shouldn't be taken as gospel for finding a good hair restoration doctor but they are a great start in narrowing down your choices. From there you can do further research on doctors you like and choose the best one for your needs.



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