Finding Female Hair Loss Doctors

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I’m a woman in my thirties with significant hair loss. I’m thinking about getting a hair transplant but how do I go about finding a doctor that caters to women?

Finding Female Hair Loss Doctors

When most people think of hair loss they think of men suffering with male pattern baldness. The truth is many women also suffer with female pattern baldness and are looking for ways to recover the hair they have lost. While hair transplant clinics used to only cater to men, many clinics have female hair loss doctors that will treat women and their special hair loss needs.

When searching for female hair loss doctors be sure that they are not treating your hair loss as they would a man's. Female hair loss varies greatly from men and needs to be treated in a different light. Your female hair loss doctor should be familiar with the various causes of female hair loss and discuss these with you to find the true cause of your hair loss.

To find reputable female hair loss doctors your best bet is to go to an online forum that caters to female hair loss and ask for referrals there. There are bound to be women who have had some form of hair transplant or hair loss treatment and can recommend a reputable doctor.



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