Checking On A Hair transplant MD's Credentials

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What kinds of questions should I ask a hair transplant surgeon when deciding whether or not I want him to perform the procedure?

Checking On A Hair transplant MD's Credentials

When choosing the right hair transplant MD for you one of the most important aspects is his credentials. You will want to know what kind of training and experience he has had in order to judge whether or not you deem him competent enough to perform your hair transplant surgery.

Some of the questions you should ask your hair transplant MD are:

What school did he receive his medical degree from?

When did he receive his license to practice medicine and is he licenses to practice in your state?

Did he receive any specialty training after his residency and if so is he certified in that specialty?

Does he hold any memberships in medical societies?

When asking about a hair transplant MD's experience don't be afraid to be blunt. A reputable doctor won't have any qualms about answering questions such as how long they've been performing hair transplants and how many of these procedures have they performed. You will also want to ask if hair restoration is the only procedure he performs. If it isn't, how much time does he commit to performing hair transplants? This will give you an idea if this is his specialty or merely a small part of his business. Lastly, ask to speak to former patients of his and get their opinion on his skills.



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