Finding A Compatible Hair Restoration Surgeon

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Besides his experience and credentials is there anything else I should ask or look for in a good hair transplant doctor?

Finding A Compatible Hair Restoration Surgeon

When looking for a hair restoration surgeon you will undoubtedly want to check his credentials and experience as part of your meeting with him. But there are also other factors to take into account when choosing a surgeon that you will be comfortable with.

When speaking with your hair restoration surgeon prior to the procedure you may want to ask whether he alone will be performing the hair transplant or whether other doctors will be taking his place. While this may not be a concern for some, if you've built up a rapport with one doctor you may be upset when another doctor takes his place for most of the surgery.

Also you have to take the personality factor into account. Credentials are very important but you may also want a doctor that you feel you can be comfortable with. A doctor that makes you uneasy may mean you are less likely to ask him questions or voice concerns which may leave you feeling uneasy or unsatisfied with your hair transplant. When choosing a hair restoration surgeon try to choose one that is experienced and mindful of your needs.



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