Hair Transplant Scar Repair

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I have very noticeable scarring from a bad hair transplant I had a couple of years ago. Is there anything that can be done to remove or hide these scars?

Hair Transplant Scar Repair

There are many reasons why a client who underwent a hair transplant may have unsightly and obvious scarring. While the most common reason is due to old and outdated techniques used in the hair transplants years ago, hair transplant scar repair may be required when a recent hair transplant was performed incorrectly or the patient was a poor healer.

There are two common methods used in hair transplant scar repair. The first is called scar revision. In this procedure the scar is both removed and stitched up properly or the direction of the scar is changed, making it much less noticeable. The other procedure involves transplanting small grafts of hair directly into the scar and camouflaging the scar by growing hair in the area.

For scars that are either thickened or depressed there are specific hair transplant scar repair techniques as well. Thickened scars can be flattened by the use of cortisone injections to make them shrink. Depressed scars can be filled in with injections of dermal fillers. Therefore, for clients who have been scarred by outdated or incorrect hair transplant techniques, there are many effective hair transplant scar repair options to remove or hide those scars.



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