NY Hair Transplant Possible Complications

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I’m having a hair transplant in New York soon and I was wondering what the most common complications are?

NY Hair Transplant Possible Complications

Bernstein Medical Tip: NY hair transplant facilities are often the choice of those wishing the very best hair transplant possible. While most hair transplants go off without a hitch there are possible complications that can arise. While many of these complications aren't serious, if you are planning to undergo a hair transplant you should be aware of these complications before you begin the procedure.

The first complications can be poor growth or no growth at all in the transplanted hair. While this can be very disappointing, it is by no means life threatening. Thankfully the modern use of microscopes to dissect the follicles from the donor strips greatly decreases the chance of damaged follicles attributed to failed transplants. However, some people are thought to have overly sensitive follicles or slow growing hair. These conditions make it harder to predict how successful your NY hair transplant will be.

Excessive scarring or pigment changes in the skin are also possible complications when undergoing a NY hair transplant. While some scarring is inevitable due to the nature of the surgery, in some cases the scarring can become excessive in people who tend to scar easily. The scars can appear thickened or elastic-like. Usually though, the scarring is small enough that it can be hidden with a normal length hair cut.

Pigment change is a possible risk anytime the skin's surface is disrupted. Usually this complication only occurs in people with more color in their skin. In these cases of NY hair transplant complications the skin around the transplant area becomes darker. Thankfully, with the advances in hair transplants this is a rare occurrence.



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