Should I Get a Hair Transplant?

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What benefits will I receive from a qualified medical hair transplant procedure?

Should I Get a Hair Transplant?

Just like any elective medical procedure, weighing the benefits and risks is necessary in deciding to undergo medical hair restoration. Most of the risks like scarring, the possibility of infection and pain during recovery, are temporary and easily addressed by a qualified hair transplant surgeon. But what are the benefits? Nearly all men and women who receive quality hair transplants report a dramatic increase in both appearance and self-esteem. A youthful look can lead to more optimism about your path in life, and a better appearance may even help land a job or achieve better business contacts.

Hair transplants use your own hair from a “donor site” that continues to grow, avoiding the dreaded toupee appearance. Because hair transplant procedures have changed rapidly in recent years, a qualified surgeon can provide a hair density that matches your entire head. However, given all these potential benefits, never agree to have a hair transplant through a clinic that does not do a proper consultation first.

A reputable surgeon will admit that some people are simply not a good candidate for a hair transplant. Ask your surgeon why you are a good candidate. Explain your ideal results. Do not listen to a surgeon who claims you will look 100% like you did before. Even the most skilled surgeon cannot accomplish that. Additionally, ask about the cost of surgery, specifically if the charge is per graft or per session. Find out more questions to ask by researching medical hair restoration online. One site that will help you make this important decision is, run by the hair restoration company Medical Hair Restoration.



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