Be patient after surgical hair restoration

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How long will it take for new hair to grow after medical hair restoration?

Be patient after surgical hair restoration

Wouldn't it be great if you could wake up the day after hair transplant surgery, look in the mirror and see a full head of hair?! Well, anyone that tells you that is possible is simply not telling the truth. It's true that a vast majority of hair implant surgery patients are highly satisfied with the results, but those patients listened to their surgeons regarding steps for a successful initial recovery, and then waited as new hair began to grow where they were once heading for baldness.

Here are two additional things you should keep in mind: First, surgical hair restoration now yields better results than ever before, but to get those results it has become more time intensive; Second, some additional surgical sessions might be necessary to get the total result you want, even if your surgeon is topnotch. It takes longer to harvest the smaller groupings of hair that are now used to give you a completely natural appearance after the completion of hair implant surgery. About a month after hair transplant surgery, the transplanted hair will begin to grow but you won't notice significant results for about several months when the transplanted hair begins growing at its normal rate. At about 10 to 12 months after your surgery is finished, you will likely see the complete results.

In the meantime, one of the best ways to see what you might look like when the results are complete is to review some before and after pictures on a website like, the site of a national company called Medical Hair Restoration.



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